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Better PT for you, the client

Physical therapy has become a much more detail oriented profession and has some of the top clinicians to examine and diagnose musculoskeletal disorders. Though, this is not the standard for all practices and there are many reasons. Some of these reasons include clinicians that practice for a company that is in-network, having to see multiple patients per hour or only doing the evaluations while leaving the treatment to physical therapy assistants or even physical therapy technicians. What has been shown over the past decade is the decrease in quality in healthcare from clinicians all to combat cuts from reimbursement, thus leaving the client to suffer from the lack of care to allow the in-network facility to try and profit. Quality and care has unfortunately given way to quantity and greed. At Sobucki Physical Therapy, patient's are seen one at a time anywhere from 60-90 minutes and over the first year of care being provided, the average amount of visits per person, before noticing a significant difference in their condition is only 3. That's right, only 3 sessions is the average before patients notice that they are feeling better, stronger, and moving with better quality.

Are you feeling out of sorts and in need of someone to help you reach your health goals? Are you tired of being treated like a number at in-network physical therapy practices that want you coming in 3 times a week for 4-6 weeks if not more? If so, please reach out for a consultation and see what physical therapy can be when it has become optimized for patient success!

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