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About Sobucki Physical Therapy

Sobucki Physical Therapy strives to improve the lives of others by providing exemplary hands on, individualized care. Our goal is to provide physical therapy and wellness services for individuals with athletic and orthopedic injuries, vertigo related issues and individuals looking to improve their overall mobility with everyday activities.

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Dr. Joseph Sobucki, PT, DPT, Cert. DN

Dr. Joseph Sobucki, PT, DPT is a licensed and board certified doctor of physical therapy located in Boca Raton, Florida. He graduated with honors from Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Science. During his undergraduate studies, Dr. Sobucki focused in two majors; Sport and Exercise Science as well as Pre-Physical Therapy. Following undergraduate, he then attended the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Gannon University. While a graduate student in the physical therapy program where he acquired knowledge that allows him to treat a wide array of conditions.

Over the past 5 years he has accumulated experience treating sports injuries, post-operative clientele, vestibular/vertigo cases, as well as treating neurological conditions such as; MS, stroke, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Parkinson’s Disease. Dr. Sobucki has treated many different patients, ranging from the weekend warrior to olympic and professional athletes, as well as family and friends. He takes pride in his work and will do what it takes to help you return to your prior level of functioning while decreasing symptoms and helping you live your best life!

Post-Rehabilitative Care


Typically, traditional physical therapy focuses on the treatment of symptoms alone with modalities and does not fix the source of what is causing the symptoms. With Dr. Sobucki, not only will your symptoms be relieved, you will build a good foundation of strength, range of motion, develop better mechanics, and you will gain knowledge about your condition or injury. All of this happens while having the source of pain treated. Following physical therapy and the rehabilitative phases of care, Dr. Sobucki encourages various forms of training to reinforce all that was done during treatment sessions. His system concentrates on fixing the mechanical issues while also decreasing symptoms and continuing to train to help your body become more resilient or "bulletproof."  


Our system of strength and cardiovascular training after physical therapy, is designed not only to encourage good health, but also to improve your performance in any activity, while reducing the risk of injury in the future. 


Being located within the Mecca of Functional Training, IHP (The Institute of Human Performance), you will also have access to the latest equipment, methodology, and highly qualified personal trainers in the South Florida area. Dr. Sobucki has worked hand in hand with each of the IHP personal trainers and consults with them on behalf of each client as needed. 

For more information about The Institute of Human Performance and their personal training packages, please click the box below!

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