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About Sobucki Physical Therapy

Sobucki Physical Therapy provides dynamic, patient-centered treatment focused on helping patients meet their specific goals. In today’s complex medical world, helping people navigate their way back from injury is my number one priority. Patient goals are achieved through targeted manual therapy, functional dry needling, myofascial decompression (cupping), progressive exercise programs and injury-specific mobility work.

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“Joe is the best PT I’ve ever seen. And as a former NFL athlete,I’ve seen a lot of PT’s. He was able to identify the root cause of my pain immediately when other PT’s couldn’t, and put me on a path to recovery right away. I still text him for advice and will be coming back for life.”

AJ W. 

“Dr. Joe is simply the best. I had chronic neck pain for over 5 years. I saw all different PT's, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors with no improvement. After a few months of weekly work with Dr. Joe, my pain was gone. He is incredibly knowledgeable, hands on, cares for his patients and is personable. I have recommended him to many friends and family who have found the same results.”

Danny G

After having a second shoulder surgery to repair intense instability struggles, I was determined to find a PT that would help to ensure no future issues. As an avid golfer, it was important for me to not only find someone to help with my recovery, but also someone who could help me work towards getting back on track with my game. Working with Joe has exceeded expectations and accelerated my recovery timeline. I was able to start playing golf again months before my surgeon said I would be able to and Joe made me feel confident my shoulder was strong enough to be able to do so. Not only is working Joe great for recovering from surgery, but also for helping to prevent future injuries!

Jake S.


Services & Specialties 

Image by Courtney Cook

Orthopedics | Sports Injuries

In a world that has become increasingly sedentary, Dr. Sobucki understands the importance of the phrase, “movement is medicine.”

Image by Spencer Davis

Personal/Sports Performance Training

There is a lot of overlay when it comes to physical therapy and personal training.

Image by Sean Oulashin

Vertigo || Vestibular Rehabilitation

After moving to South Florida, Dr. Sobucki realized that there were no therapists specializing in vestibular rehabilitation.

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